Add a Touch of 'Home' to Your Office

It is important to create comfortable office surroundings to achieve a productive work environment. With many of us spending a large proportion of our time at work, it is important to enjoy work and feel at home in your surroundings. Sound good? Why not check out our handy hints and tips on how to add a touch of ‘home’ to your office.


Tip 1 IconPersonalise Your Desk

Bring in some of your favourite items from home. Personal photographs, a favourite mug and small pot plants can all be added to your desk to inject a sense of home comfort and keep little treats like sweets and biscuits in your drawer for those moments you need a little boost!


Tip 2 IconAdd a Splash of Colour

Colour is not only a great way to inspire but also a fun approach to organising your workload. Colour can also affect our mood and impact the way in which we approach tasks. Desk tidies, colourful pens and files are all a great way to inject a little inspiration into your work space. Blue for example is a calming colour which stimulates the mind, whereas yellow is ideal for those requiring a creative space in which to work. Choose your colours carefully to optimise your results.


Tip 3 IconMake an Effort

It goes without saying that it is imperative to build good working relationships with your team, as you are bound to spend a significant amount of time with them during the working week. This not only promotes happiness and general wellbeing within your team, but is also invaluable in terms of increasing productivity across the business too.


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