A Guide to First Time Home Buying

Finding your First Home is a big decision and you want to get it right! Check out our handy guide on how to approach finding your first home.


Tip 1 IconBe Realistic

It is important to be realistic and strike a balance between what you ultimately want and what you can realistically afford to buy. Don’t for example base your requirements on what you can afford to rent, or aim to replicate the type of home your parents own as it is likely to have taken them years to get the home they have now! Do also keep up to date with market prices as house prices never stay at a constant, so if it takes you six months’ to find that dream first home be prepared that the value won’t necessarily be the same as when you first started your search!


Tip 2 IconList Requirements

Work out what you need your home to deliver for you. Establish what the minimum number of bedrooms you could work with would be and if you need a driveway or good transport links to get to work. Consider also how far from work you would like to be situated and look for homes that fit your criteria. Remember that house buying is full of compromises and it is unlikely that you will get everything you want! Make a clear definition between your essential and non-essential criteria so you can make an informed decision on whether or not to proceed with a property.


Tip 3 IconBe Savvy

Most first-time buyers approach home buying with a modest budget and as such it can be a challenge to find everything you desire from your first home. While it can be tempting to consider a renovation project that could offer you the full potential to create your dream home instead of looking to make a compromise on your requirements, do be careful not to take on too much as large projects can be both costly and time consuming. If you should find yourself deliberating this, perhaps consider a property that just needs a little cosmetic updating, so you can move straight in and update it bit by bit once you have enough money saved to modernise it. Remember you need not necessarily add a new kitchen for an updated appearance, instead cupboard doors can be painted and cupboard handles changed for a makeover at a fraction of the cost!


We hope you have found this guide helpful. For more handy hints and tips on personalising your space check out our previous blogs on Updating Your New Home and How to Paint Interior Walls.