Upgrade Your Dated Kitchen for Less!

Over the years, your kitchen can start to look rather tired. The cupboards are dusty, there’s one drawer that never fully opens and the décor is looking outdated… face it, it’s in some serious need of TLC.


Refurbishing your kitchen doesn’t need to stretch your pocket as there’s plenty you can do with a smaller budget! Performing little tasks here and there can make the world of difference and we’re here to guide you through it.


Before acting, analyse what needs to be done and write down all the changes you wish to make. Dirty and untidy rooms can make us think that we need a complete renovation, but it’s often found that simple clear outs, cleaning and improvements can alter our perception of interiors.


Tip 1 IconClear-out & Clean

Clutter tends to build up over time in drawers and on countertops. Perhaps you’ve loaded up on the takeaway hand wipes and sauce packets or your letters sit stacked up on the sides. Perhaps you’ve got a selection of chipped mugs that you never use or tea stained spoons that you always avoid.


Whatever the clutter may be, the first thing you need to do is go through every cupboard and drawer and organise items into one of three segments: keep, dispose, donate.


Keep drawers organised with storage systems for holding cutlery and other items. Use transparent canisters to store items such a tea bags, sugar and cereal. Not only will this system keep your items fresher for longer, the transparency of the canister will permit easy checking for when things need replenishing.


Frequently used receptacles and cutlery require an occasional freshen up. For tea stained spoons and mugs, soak them in a mixture of one-part warm water to one-part white distilled vinegar for 10 minutes. After this time, remove the items from the mixture, and pour it away. Coat any remaining stains with baking soda, then take a small sponge and scrub with circular motions until stain disappears.


Fingers prints, dust and grease from cooking can make its way onto all surfaces so it’s important to clean countertops once a day with an antibacterial solution. Not only will it keep your tops crumb free, it will also help to reduce contamination when preparing food. Whilst you’re on a bit of a cleaning spree, deep cleanse cupboards and drawers, internally and externally, with a sponge and a solution of washing up liquid and warm water.


Tip 2 IconPaint & Style

Now that everything is clear, clean and sparkling, you can determine whether your cupboard and drawer fronts need a new lick of paint. White paint tends to yellow over a prolonged period which is usually a result of direct sunlight or cooking splatter. To avoid reoccurrence, choose a paint shade that is less likely to tinge.


Darker paint shades are trending throughout kitchen interior design, offering low maintenance and an effortlessly chic appearance. For the ultimate luxe aesthetic, paint your cabinets in navy blue then style with polished chrome kitchen cupboard handles.


Tip 3 IconDécor and Accessories

Now it’s time to assess your decorative decisions. This includes any hanging wall features or items placed to accessorise your interior. If your kitchen surfaces are crowded, you may want to eliminate decorative accessories altogether and only feature your appliances.


Do you have a build-up of drawings or magnets pinned to the fridge? Have you neglected the plants and they’ve wilted beyond resurrection? Follow the steps to declutter and limit how much artwork is displayed. If you struggle to keep plants alive, replace the deceased with some artificial flourishing verdure.


We hope to inspire your home DIY projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. For more home improvement ideas, check out our previous blog on DIY Tips for Your Summer Garden.