Transform Your Kitchen to Cook More!

Motivating yourself to cook more at home can be such as chore. According to Joe, “… just under three in four (71%) of Irish people under the age of 34 admitted to having a takeaway at home at least once a week, with 50% of the same age group admitting to eating in a fast food restaurant at least once a week.”


Whether it’s down to pure laziness or feelings of being inspired and unmotivated, we’ve got an idea to help you fall in love with your kitchen!


Planning your meals is key to reduce spending on take away food and restaurant dining. Get yourself a small white board for the kitchen and plan your weeks’ worth of dinners. If you’ve got a super busy lifestyle, keep meals simple and buy ingredients that you know you can whip up quickly. Make sure you’ve got all the pots, pans, utensils and crockery sets ready in the cupboards for you to use.


Buying in bulk is a great way to meal prep for the following week and it’s a failproof way to discourage that naughty takeaway phone call. Cook a big batch of dinner on a Sunday, then portion it out into Tupperware and place in the freezer to reheat quickly the next time you’re hungry!


To inspire your creativity, it’s important that you enjoy spending time in your kitchen space. If it’s starting to look outdated and dull, spruce up your kitchen with a fresh lick of paint on the walls, cupboards and drawers. By updating decorative features and furniture embellishments, such as cupboard handles, it will help to transform the aesthetic of your kitchen interior! Say bye to flat, lifeless spaces and hello to a stimulating room!


Removing and installing new handles is actually pretty simple to do. Start by sourcing the tools; you’ll need a measuring tape, screwdriver and the new cupboard handles.


There are no set rules for positioning the handles providing that you and other users can operate them with comfort and ease. Select the handles most suitable for your kitchen cupboards and drawers by checking out our range of centre measurements to suit all our customer’s requirements.


Before ordering your new handles, open the doors and measure the distance between the existing fixings on your handles. This is called the centre measurement. Our selection of cupboard handles have centre measurements ranging from 64mm to 640mm with many options in between!


You may have a style, material or finish in mind, or you may perhaps need a bit of inspiration! We offer a variety of models to suit all interior styles, from modern to traditional. Check out our popular range of kitchen cupboard handles to help steer your kitchen ideas!


HINT: For exceptional high quality at a budget-friendly price, choose the D shaped kitchen cupboard handles in polished stainless steel. The 40mm projection offers ease of accessibility and is the ideal modern finishing touch to suit any colour scheme and design theme.


Once you have received your new handles, take your screwdriver and begin removing each handle. Need a bit of guidance? Remember the DIY trick - righty-tighty and lefty-loosey! Next, take your new cupboard handles and work your way through the installation process for each cupboard and drawer. Once all handles are fitted, slide back with style and congratulate yourself for a job well done!


And finally, throw away the take away menus and get cooking in your very own modernised kitchen interior!


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects by offering a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interior and want more home inspiration, check out our previous blog 5 Ways to Maximise Sleep!