Top Tips on Repainting a Front Door

Freshen up the appearance of your property with a lick of paint! Front doors can take quite a beating from the elements, so it’s a good idea to revive the look of your exterior doors from time to time. To help you with your DIY home improvements, here are our top tips on repainting a front door.


For this task you will need: Sander, dust mask, screwdriver, cloth, bucket, gloves, exterior wood filler, filling knife, masking tape, paintbrush, primer, exterior paint, exterior varnish.


Tip 1 IconRemove your door handles and any other type of front door furniture. Keep the spindle in place on your or you may find yourself locked out!


Tip 2 IconRemove dirt, debris, and grease by washing down the woodwork and threshold with warm soapy water. You can use washing up liquid for this step.


Tip 3 IconCracks in the woodwork of the front door will need to be filled in with exterior wood filler. A filling knife will enable you to spread the wood filler to achieve an even surface. Wait for the filler to set and if large holes or deep cracks exist on your door, you may need to apply further layers of exterior wood filler.


Tip 4 IconUse an electric sander to smooth out the surface of the door. Don’t forget to wear a dust mask.


Tip 5 IconTo protect the glass on your front door from paint, we recommend using strips of masking tape to mask off the edges of the glass panes.


Tip 6 IconThe door threshold may need special attention as it gets the worst of the rain. Apply one or two coats of an exterior-quality, clear varnish to seal and waterproof the wood.


Tip 7 IconAllow time for each layer of paint to dry before the next layer. Once everything is dry, remove the masking tape and admire your freshly painted door!


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