Tips on Painting Cast Iron Railings

The paint on cast iron railings can begin to chip over time and lose their decorative appeal. To keep your railings in tiptop condition, scroll down for our tips on repainting cast iron railings.


Choose a warm, dry day to renovate your railings as windy weather can cause dust particles to stick to fresh paintwork. You may want to lay old newspaper on the ground to protect the surrounding area from paint drips.


For this task, you will need: rubber gloves, dust mask, paintbrushes, bucket, exterior metal primer, exterior metal paint, white spirit for cleaning, abrasive paper, wire brush, cloth, metal cleaner/de-greaser and rust stabiliser.


Tip 1 IconWhist wearing a dust mask and rubber gloves, take the wire brush and buff away the loose flakes of paint and rust. Pay attention to intricate and convoluted areas to ensure thorough removal.


Tip 2 IconRemove the shine from previous paintwork by sanding the entire railing with abrasive paper. This step will help create a good, smooth base for the primer and paint.


Tip 3 IconClean the dust particles off the cast iron railing with metal cleaner/de-greaser.


Tip 4 IconRemove the residue from the metal cleaner/de-greaser with a cloth and warm soapy water. Allow to dry and apply a rust stabiliser to any rust patches.


Tip 5 IconFor railings in need of a colour change, prep the railing with exterior metal primer. Use a paintbrush to apply a liberal coat of primer to the entire area..


Tip 6 IconUse a paintbrush to apply one to two thick, protective layers of fresh paint. Allow time to dry between applications.


And there you have it, our simple tips on repainting cast iron railings. As you make your garden improvements, you may want to upgrade your garden gate furniture. Our high-quality selection of gate furniture features everything you need to operate a gate and secure you garden and shed.


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