Replace a Damaged Board in a Fence

Make the most of the remaining summer days and repair your broken fence in time for the cooler seasons! Not only does a broken wooden board in your fence ruin the manicured aesthetic of your garden, it also reduces your privacy from neighbours and public footpaths. Check with your surrounding neighbours before starting a fence project as you may need to replace it with one that is higher or more substantial.


Close board fencing is made by nailing vertical feathered-edge boards to horizontal timber rails that are mortised into vertical fence posts. A capping strip along the top edge of the fencing completes the look of a common wooden board fence. Softwood is a favoured material for wooden board fencing as it can be purchased in large quantities at an affordable price.


To start your DIY repairs, you will need: feather-edge boards (required quantity to replace), a tenon saw, pencil, wood preservative, paintbrush, galvanised nails, and a claw hammer.


Tip 1 IconStart by removing the boards that need replacing. The claw component on your hammer can be used to remove any old nails. Dispose of any rotten wooden boards as this cannot be salvaged and repurposed. Take these boards to your local tip.


Tip 2 IconKeep reusable boards to one side to be used again in your fence repair.


Tip 3 IconMeasure the dimensions of the existing board and use this as your guide for cutting new boards. Pencil mark the sections that you intend to saw.


Tip 4 IconUse a tenon saw to cut each new wooden board to size.


Tip 5 IconApply wood preservative as a treatment for the ends of freshly cut boards. Staining can be done once you have completed your new fence repairs.


Tip 6 IconFeather-edge boards have one thick edge and one thin edge. This is a tapered aesthetic. You will need to work from left to right, keeping the thick edge on the left. The following board should overlap the previous one by approximately 12mm.


Tip 7 IconMatch the existing appearance by spacing each board in a cohesive manner. Sturdy galvanised nails will keep the boards secure in place on the cross rails. Ensure that the nails do not pierce the board underneath.


Tip 8 IconFinally, apply a new stain or paint to your fence to give your garden an instant upgrade.


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