Preparing Your Home for Winter

With the Autumn now setting in, its time to prepare our homes for the cold months ahead. Check our top three tips on how to ensure your home stays warm this Winter.


Tip 1 IconMaintain Radiators

This is our top tip for keeping your home warm this winter! ‘Bleeding’ your radiators is a quick fix and an easy task, even for the DIY novice! If not regularly maintained then you will find that air may accumulate and restrict the hot water from circulating throughout the radiator. The reason for doing this is to allow the air to escape from within your radiator so the water can circulate freely.



Tip 2 IconCombat Draughts

The first thing you need to establish is if there are any draughts in your home and if so, where is the root of the cause! Draughts are perhaps most commonly found in the areas around your windows and doors. The good news is however that you can easily top up the silicone sealant or add draught excluders around your windows and doors to reduce draughts.


Tip 3 IconCosy Décor

Heard of the Scandinavian concept ‘Hygge’? It’s all about creating a warm and inviting atmosphere in which to relax with friends and family. With Summer having now passed, it’s time to accessorise your home ready for winter. Get the cosy blankets and warm rugs back out from storage and light some candles to create a cosy atmosphere. Install warm tones throughout your space. Consider brass or copper door handles to replicate warm and sunny tones through your space.


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