Painting your Skirting Boards

Repainting your skirting boards can have a big impact on the aesthetics of a room, so if your skirting boards are looking a little tired, then check out our top tips on how to achieve a professional finish when repainting your skirting boards.


Tip 1 IconPreparation

Before you get started put down dust sheets to protect your furnishings from dust, as you will need to sand your skirting before painting, adding a texture to the surface to help the paint adhere.


Choose a satin or semigloss finish wood paint that is suited to your home's décor and that will refresh the colour and finish. If choosing the same or a darker colour paint you can lightly sand the skirting boards. However, if lightening the colour, you may need to remove the existing paint from the surface or apply a primer. Once you have prepared your skirting boards, you will be ready to repaint them.


Tip 2 IconPainting

Unless you’re a decorator with years of experience cutting in, then it’s advisable to stick masking tape along the edges before commencing, as this will prevent the paint going on the walls or running onto the floor. When applying the paint, check that you have enough paint on your brush, however take care not to overpaint an area, as this will cause runs of paint or brush marks to appear once the paint is dry.


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