Modern Country Home Interiors

Emphasising comfort with casual living, modern country homes are trending as the simple and organic cues of traditional farmhouse style blends effortlessly with contemporary qualities.


It’s no surprise that modern country homes are rising in popularity as rustic décor laces the homes of home and lifestyle bloggers. Characterised by rugged, natural beauty, modern country homes embrace nature-inspired textures, like wood, stone and plant life. There’s also plenty of organic warmth in these stunning interiors with a focus on earthy colour palettes throughout the home.


Fancy designing your own modern country style home? Well, we’re here to share all the secrets on the few key design elements to nailing this trend!



Tip 1 IconTimber Cladding and Features

Whether you live out in the countryside or just admire the rustic aesthetic, it’s important to know that timber is a fundamental material used in this style of interior design. Maximise the organic textures used in your property by showcasing the appearance of wood using floor boards, walls panels and ceiling beams.


Complement your decor with wooden furniture, in your table legs and chairs, to style up the room and maintain a cohesive fit. Mix up the tones of your wood by opting for a variety of oak, pine and cedar. For a long-lasting, budget friendly option, opt for timber luxury vinyl tiles or laminate as this imitates the appearance of real wood flooring without the expense!


Accessorise your interiors with a rustic wooden or raw steel wine rack in the kitchen and place a variety of plant life in tapered rattan basket planters. If you’re DIY savvy, you can even build a wooden ladder shelf to display photo frames, candles and flowers up against the wall in your living area. Fill your fireplace with stones or wooden logs or if you do not have this feature, create a centrepiece of natural materials on the top of your sideboard or cabinets


Tip 2 IconCosy Fabrics and Modest Textiles

Modern country interiors embrace a balance of old and new. To implement a fresh take on the traditional style, the design approach needs to be clean, stylish and warm-hearted with significant focus on family living. Think wall hangings inscribed with loving family quotes or perhaps a selection of bamboo fridge magnets to display notes to the household or pin the kids’ artwork.


Create visual depth in your living space by fusing together a mix of fabrics, adding softness and warmth in rugs, cushions and curtains. Showcase sandy beige, stone and cream shades in these soft furnishings to establish the modern edge. These neutral shades offer psychological tranquillity while thick, fluffy shagpile rugs provide comfort to your tootsies! Geometric prints offer a contemporary twist to country style homes and look particularly striking embellished in rugs, curtains and bedding.


Relax your senses with a variety of natural based materials such as cotton, flannel, lace, linen and wool. While warmth and comfort are needed in winter months, many light fabrics can be incorporated to establish a light and airy aura during warmer seasons.


Tip 3 IconIndustrial Accents and Embellishments

The modern aesthetic can be achieved with hints of metallic embellishments, which is often referred to as industrial accents. Metallic light fixtures and stainless steel door handles are highly recommended as their visual and functional attributes contribute to the modern take on traditional farmhouses.


Door handles on rose are exceptionally modern as their sleek appearance offers an additional element of visual depth to textured spaces, whereas square rose door handles offer a more methodical, geometric component to an interior.


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects by offering a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interior and want more home inspiration, check out our previous blog A Guide to Interior Design Buzzwords.