Mid-century Modern Styling

Mid-century modern interior design offers a timeless, stylish aesthetic in many different homes. From celebrity mansions to quaint, homely spaces this design approach is all about minimal adornment, clean lines and a strong connection to nature.


Aligning sleek and simple accents with iconic elements, mid-century modern design transpired in the 1940’s after World War II. With new technologies, materials and the widespread migration to urban areas, this style became popular in many homes. With the newfound prosperity that followed the war, homeowners focused on embracing the future.


Fast forward to present day, this captivating interior design is considered timeless with its clean, streamlined silhouettes characterised by elegance and comfort. Mid-century modern interiors possess a certain charm that blends contemporary elements with retro statement pieces.


Staple mid-century furniture pieces feature a variety of wood finishes on thin-framed furniture. A lightweight coffee table with slender wooden legs presents a real focal point in any interior. By accessorising the coffee table with contemporary style candle holders and designer coffee table books, mid-century modern design can be easily achieved. Add additional slender, wood finish furniture pieces to create a cohesive theme throughout your interior.


Traditionally, mid-century colour palettes featured a range of shades from saturated colours and bright pops to earthy neutrals. Today, this design works with various shades so it’s easy to style in existing interiors. To bring this style up to date, simply add contemporary features such as matte black accents and crisp white walls. Muted hues and pastel shades fit seamlessly in light and dark tone interiors.


Style moody interiors with cohesive dark painted internal doors and embellish with matte black door handles for a sleek, mid-century modern aesthetic. Coordinate your door handle with matching door furniture. This may include hinges, a bathroom thumb turn lock or black escutcheons on a key locking bedroom or office door. Our matte black sliding door lock is the perfect component for sliding bathroom doors.


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