How to Save Water in Your Bathroom

With the summer months upon us and rainfall reducing, now is a great time to look at saving water in our homes and where better to start than in your bathroom? Check out our simple tips on how to conserve water in your home.


Tip 1 IconShower over Bath

Where possible it is best to take a shower over running a bath, as this will significantly reduce your water consumption. If you are looking at replacing your shower head then why not look for a water saving model, to further reduce the amount of wasted water.


Tip 2 IconTurn off the Tap

Don’t leave the tap running when brushing your teeth. If everyone was to make this small tweak to their daily regime then a substantial amount of fresh water would be conserved each day.


Tip 3 IconToilet Type

Most modern toilets offer a low or dual flushing facility, which reduces water wastage in your home. If you are looking to install a new toilet then it is worth considering this when choosing the new model.


Tip 4 IconReuse Towels

Hang your bathroom towels over the radiator to dry so they can be reused before they are washed. By reducing the number of wash loads you do, you are also helping to conserve valuable fresh water resources.


Tip 5 IconRecycling

Greywater such as bathwater can be recycled. Although it cannot be consumed, the water can be reused for watering your garden or washing your car, rather than using fresh water supplies for such activities. There are systems available on the market for recycling greywater, although they can be expensive to install.


We hope this has inspired you to help conserve water. For more inspiration on how to save money on your bills and become more environmentally friendly, why not check out our previous blog, Saving Money on Your Energy Bills.