How to Maintain Your Door Handles

New door handles are a fantastic way to add a finishing touch to your interior, but how can one keep a lasting finish? Read our top tips on how to keep your internal door handles looking pristine.


Tip 1 IconPolish Your Handles

Use a soft polishing cloth to buff your handles and avoid using abrasives as they will cause damage to the finish. Your handles will respond well to being polished as part of a regular maintenance regime.


Tip 2 IconDon’t Use Chemical Cleaners

The number one rule when cleaning your door handles is not to use any chemical products, as they can damage the surface of the handles leaving an unsightly finish on your internal door handles. A damp cloth with warm water is perfect for cleaning your handles, but be sure to wipe them dry following cleaning to ensure no moisture settles onto the surface.


Tip 3 IconKeep the Surface Dry

It is important to ensure that the surface of your handles are kept dry at all times. Air your rooms to avoid condensation occurring. In bathrooms and kitchens where condensation prevails use a dry cloth to wipe away any moisture that may otherwise settle onto the handle and cause damage to the finish.


Tip 4 IconRemove Surface Rust

If rust appears on your stainless steel door handles a non-chemical cream cleaner may be used to remove the surface rust, but this must be cleaned off immediately using warm water and then dried thoroughly. Please note that this step applies to stainless steel door handles only and is not suitable for cleaning chrome handles.


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