How to Fix Sticking Doors & Windows

If you are looking for simple tips to fix a jammed door or window, you are in the right place! We’ve put together a list of six handy hints to help relieve your sticking doors and windows at home.


Tip 1 IconAvoid using forceful pressure to open a jammed door or window as this may cause damage to the frame or window glass.


Tip 2 IconCheck that your hinge screws are secure and tighten them with a screwdriver if needed.


Tip 3 IconChange your existing hinges for rising butt hinges. This type of door hinge features a spiral on the knuckle of the hinge which raises the door as it opens, ideal for those doors that open onto an uneven surface or hang in between two different flooring types. Our 4 inch rising butt hinges aid clearance over uneven floors and are available in both left and right handed orientation. For ease of installation, our rising butt hinges are supplied in pairs with the wood screws and are also reversible to enable your door to fall open or closed as required.


Tip 4 IconWet weather can have an affect on doors and windows. If a door or window is suddenly jamming in the frame during a wet season, then weather conditions are most likely the culprit. Moisture can penetrate the paintwork and cause the swell. Do not attempt to plane the wood as this will cause a draughty gap. Simply wait for some dry weather and repaint.


Tip 5 IconSpeed up the drying process with a hot air gun by running it along the edges of the swollen door or window frame. The heat from the gun will draw moisture out of the wood. Avoid scorching the surface of the wood and cracking the glass by using the hot air gun in short bursts.


Tip 6 IconYou may need to plane the outer edge of your jammed door to relieve the binding. For this task, you can leave the door in place and keep it secure using a door wedge. Remove the lock or latch if there is a chance of the plane striking it. Aim for a 2mm gap between the door edge and the frame by planing it.


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