How to Fix a Squeaky Door

Squeaky doors can be downright irritating. Not only does the creaking sound interrupt your sleep, it can also make your modern home feel old and tired. Thankfully, this issue can be easily resolved with our guide on how to fix a squeaky door.


When opening and closing a door, the high-pitched noise that you hear is a result of friction within the hinge. The friction builds up over time due to continuous operation of the door which frequently occurs in residential and office spaces. This type of issue is often referred to as general wear and tear. If you’re wondering how to stop a door from squeaking, the answer is lubricant.


Newly fitted doors shouldn’t be making any squeaking noises so this may indicate that the hinges have been fitted out of alignment.


Graphite Lubrication


The first step is easy for any homeowner to do as the hinge can be lubricated without removing it from the door. Try applying some graphite lubricant directly to the hinge pin to reduce the friction. Manoeuvre the graphite around the hinge by moving the door into the open and closed position. Listen out for the squeak… if the door is still making noise then you may need to try another approach.


For this method, if the door is fitted with loose pin hinges, open the door to 90° and lift the door up and out of the frame. Now wipe away any grime then directly lubricate the pin with the graphite lubricant. Rehang the door then test again.


Lubricant not Working?


If these tricks aren’t working for your squeaky door then you may need to replace your door hinges. Old hinges can rust which impacts on the operation of your door (and causes the door to squeak!). The damage caused is irreparable so new replacement door hinges will be required.


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