How to Fit a Lock to Your Shed

Your garden shed is usually the place where you store tools and other valuable items so therefore, proper security measures are essential. A simple hasp and staple, along with a sturdy padlock, should be enough to keep the shed secure and act as a deterrent to thieves.


Tip 1 IconYou will need a hasp and staple, padlock, screwdriver and bradawl.


Tip 2 IconMark the position of the hasp on the door, then mark the staple in line on the door frame.


Tip 3 IconMake pilot holes for the screws in the wood with a bradawl.


Tip 4 IconThe parts must line up exactly for it to operate efficiently.


Tip 5 IconScrew both the hasp and staple securely into position.


Tip 6 IconClose the hasp on the staple then pass the padlock through it.


Our heavy duty hasp and staple for garden gates and sheds measures features a black epoxy finish to suit all colours of sheds. This type of lock offers security as the screw heads are completely covered when closed, making them more difficult to remove by intruders.


Our 70mm weatherproof combination padlock for outdoor use is perfect for pairing with the hasp and staples as it features a four-digit combination lock and a hardened 25mm shackle.


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