How to Create a Clutter Free Bathroom

Bathrooms are notoriously susceptible to moisture, which if unmaintained makes them the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and germs to manifest. Check out our top tips on how to ensure your bathroom stays clean and clutter free.


Tip 1 IconInstall Storage

It is difficult to de-clutter your bathroom as you are likely to be using the majority of the products contained within on a regular basis, but it is worth assessing the quantity of products you do have with a view to finding a suitable storage solution. The beauty of this is that with so many free standing storage units available on the market, you don’t need to fit a complete new bathroom. If your products are neatly stored away, this will give the illusion of a clutter free space and make it much easier to clean.


Tip 2 IconAir Your Bathroom

It is important to air your bathroom by opening a window or switching on your extractor fan when there is moisture present. Also remember to wipe dry any stainless steel or chrome bathroom accessories such as taps and door handles to preserve their longevity.


Tip 3 IconDeep Clean

It may seem obvious, but it is important to establish the areas that are out of your immediate view and get missed on those days that your bathroom gets ‘a quick wipe over’. Areas like the shower hose, grouting and hard to reach places such as the ledge above your door frame are all places that are commonly neglected during cleaning.


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