Guide to Fitting a Skirting Board

Skirting boards are an architectural necessity as they protect walls from accidental knocks, scuffs, scrapes and damage. They cover the joint between the interior wall surface and the floor, offering a neat finish. To help you with your skirting board installation, follow our DIY guide to fitting a skirting board.


For this task, you will need: a pipe and cable detector, accurately trimmed skirting boards, an electric drill, a 6mm drill bit, PVA glue, flexible decorators caulk and a cartridge gun.

Make sure that your skirting boards are trimmed accurately, ready for fitting.


Tip 1 IconBefore drilling any holes, it is important to check that the wall is clear of electric cables and hidden pipes. This can be done with the assistance of a pipe and cable detector.


Tip 2 IconTake your board and apply a generous amount of grab adhesive to the side that requires sticking.


Tip 3 IconPush the skirting board up against the wall so that it sticks firmly.


Tip 4 IconA masonry wall fix will require a 6mm drill bit. Measure 50mm from the end of the wall and 25mm from the top and bottom of the skirting for drilling countersunk holes.


Tip 5 IconSecure the fix with a 6mm wall plug and an 8 gauge screw. Ensure that the head of the screw is embedded within the skirting board.


Tip 6 IconApply PVA glue to the surface of the skirting board width on the external joint and fix into place.


Tip 7 IconUsing a cartridge gun for application, line the gap between the wall and the skirting board with flexible decorators caulk.


Tip 8 IconTo conceal the appearance of fixings screws, apply flexible decorators caulk to the countersunk screws.


Tip 9 IconPrep the skirting board for painting by sanding down the surface.


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