Fitting a Door Latch Strike Plate

Fitting a strike plate component is an essential yet simple step when installing door latches to your internal doors. So, what is a strike plate? It’s the metal plate that fits into the doorjamb where the area has been morticed and fitted with a dust socket and keep. It features an inner part where the latch bolt sits inside the door keep and an outer part which protects the door as the latch bolt extends and retracts into the inner section.


Every door latch that we offer is supplied complete with the strike plate, dust socket and keep, with fixings for ease of installation.


Tip 1 IconA door latch installation is completed with the fitting of a strike plate, dust socket and keep. Start by lining the door up to the doorjamb and mark the where the latch bolt meets the doorjamb. Drawer two straight lines, one at the top and the other at the bottom.


Tip 2 IconAlign the metal strike plate up against the pencil marking to check that the dimensions are accurate prior to chiselling.


Tip 3 IconWith the metal strike plate against the doorjamb, draw around the inner parts and then drill a wide enough hole to fit the keep. The depth should be around 25mm.


Tip 4 IconDrawer around the outer part of the strike plate. This is the section that will need to be chiselled out so that it fits flush on the doorjamb.


Tip 5 IconTake a 1-inch chisel and hammer and tap the chisel to a depth of approximately 3mm. Ensure to use gentle pressure.


Tip 6 IconRemove the layer and any loose shavings that are a present. Sit the strike plate in position and check it for accuracy.


Tip 7 IconSecure the strike plate into place with the fixing screws and a screwdriver.


Our affordable door latches are available in either a 45mm backset or 57mm backset in range of finishes including satin and polished stainless steel, chrome and polished brass.


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