Creating Your Perfect Summer Garden

With summer only weeks away, now is an ideal time to revisit your garden and create the perfect space for the whole family to enjoy the sunshine together! It can be a challenge to find the right balance to suit everyone, but it’s certainly not an impossible task to undertake! Perhaps the best way to satisfy your entire household is to think about creating different zones within your garden. Sound good? Why not check out our top tips on how to mould your garden into the perfect family friendly space!


Tip 1 IconFit a Patio

Many of us keep a lawned garden to ensure the children have space to play in the summer, but if you want to optimise the potential usage of your garden there is no reason why you can’t incorporate a relaxation area for the adults too! A patio offers the perfect space for lounging and entertaining during the summer months while the children are busy playing. Concrete slabs and decking are perhaps most commonly used to provide a low-maintenance solution to this effect. Tall grasses or plants such as bamboo can also be used to create borders and make an ideal place to play hide and seek too!


Tip 2 IconGrow Your Own

A simple and low-cost way to engage the whole family with your garden is to try growing your own fruit and veg. Herbs are an ideal place to start as you don’t need a lot of space or an overwhelming budget to do this and little ones can be involved with planting and picking some of the ingredients you will use for dinner!


For the more adventurous gardener, why not expand your range and try your hand at growing some vegetables too? If you have a large garden, you could even create your own vegetable patch complete with a country-style gate finished with a quaint Suffolk latch or ring gate latch to protect your crop from being trampled on!


Tip 3 IconEncourage Wildlife

Wildlife is an important part of our eco system and we have unfortunately seen a dramatic decline in the recorded number of bees and butterflies in recent years, so it is vital that we consider ways in which we can encourage the fauna to flourish in our gardens. Plants such as Buddleia are well known for attracting butterflies and sweet-scented and brightly coloured wild flowers for attracting bees. You never know, you could even end up with your own miniature nature reserve in your own back garden!


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