Clean Space Clear Mind

If you’ve been putting off your deep clean this season, it’s about time that you finally get it sorted! You’ve probably heard the saying ‘clean space, clear mind’ but what does this really mean? Essentially, it means that the more clutter you can see, the more easily you’ll find yourself distracted. Clutter is chaos and when your presented with too much visual stimuli, you can begin to feel overwhelmed and stressed.


Blogger Laura Vrcek explains that “Your brain is literally being presented with more than one sandwich to bite into and it becomes unsure of which to taste first.”


To make your life at little simpler, we suggest that you follow this philosophy and get your home into shape! Decluttering and organising can be a big task, especially if you’ve let things slip and/or are a little bit of a hoarder. By focusing your space on what brings you joy and throwing out the unwanted, you’ll have a clearer head to relax and appreciate your home.


Simple Steps


Keep the task simple and tackle each room one at a time. Create a checklist of activities for that room and work through the list at a comfortable pace. Identify what possessions need to be thrown out, saved and donated, creating a pile for each of the options. Shred any documents that include private or personal information on them and make sure to recycle where you can.


Avoid the clutter of ‘things’ by investing in storage solutions such as drawers, racks and coat hooks. Keep jackets off the back of the chair with 4 peg, stick on hooks. This simple necessity offers hassle-free fitting due to the convenient self-adhesive backing which can be positioned on doors and walls. Available in a variety of metallic hues to suit every interior theme, coat hooks are an essential part of home storage! When you move to a new house, the adhesive can be lifted while protecting the surface below using an adhesive remover spray.


Wardrobes & Drawers


The general rule for clothing is to ask yourself whether you intend to wear it in the upcoming 12 months. If you can’t picture yourself grabbing that bright, tassel scarf or concert t-shirt from 2001 then it’s time to donate it to a good home. Remember, one’s trash is someone else’s treasure.


Built-in wardrobes can often get neglected when it comes to hoovering and dusting. Once you’ve sorted all your clothes into keep, toss and donate piles, you need to give the wardrobe interior a blast with the hoover. In addition to dust bunnies and spiderwebs, condensation is a common issue in both fitted and standalone wardrobes. Signs of mould can be easily cleaned with a mould remover and simply prevented with regular ventilation. Dehumidifier sachets can be placed inside your wardrobes to absorb any future dampness.


Replace broken or sagging wardrobe rails with a new clothes rail. Available in a 2ft and 3ft length measurement, select the one that suits your requirements and complete the installation with coordinated rail end brackets.


Heavy coats can often be the cause of drooping rails. To prevent that from happening, fit the matching wardrobe rail centre bracket to provide additional support in the centre of the rail. For large, walk-in wardrobes, this handy component piece can also be used to create a joint between two separate rails.


Deep Clean


Once everything is tidied away, you can start to give your home a thorough clean. This includes hoovering or mopping the floors, dusting decorative pieces and skirting boards, wiping surfaces and sanitising the kitchen and bathrooms.


Prepare all your cleaning essentials and work your way through the rooms to ensure a thorough cleanse throughout your home! Avoid stuffiness by opening windows to boost ventilation.


Add the finishing touch to your home interior by placing scented diffusers on table sides to create ambience and aromatic bliss. Enjoy your haven at home and remember this saying ‘clean space, clear mind’.


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interior and want more home inspiration, check out our previous blogs.