How to Choose Door Handles

We are often asked for advice on which door handles are the best and why. While we will always be happy to guide you through choosing those handles and matching door hardware, there is no simple answer as it depends on taste and requirements, so we have put together a few hints and tips to help you find your perfect handles!


Our handles are manufactured in three different materials: Stainless Steel, Alloy and Zinc. Each of these materials have different properties and so offer different benefits.


Tip 1 IconStainless Steel

Stainless steel handles are fantastic for those requiring a mid-weight handle and offer a truly luxurious addition to any space. For those seeking a simple and timeless model of handle, stainless steel is a fantastic option. Remember though that although stainless steel offers a hardy resistance to the elements, it still requires occasional cleaning maintenance in order to avoid damage occurring to the surface of your handles in the long term.


Tip 2 IconAlloy and Zinc

For those seeking more contemporary and intricate designs, our Alloy and Zinc based handles are most likely to attract your attention, as they are extremely pliable materials and therefore enable more complex designs to be produced.


Tip 3 IconAlternative Finishes

Products manufactured from Alloy and Zinc are presented in a range of finishes, although are perhaps most frequently finished in chrome for a contemporary appearance. Alternatives include black nickel door handles or even copper door handles, for those looking to create a more bespoke interior.


It is also worth noting also that Zinc based handles tend to be the heaviest of these three metals, although this does not bear any impact of the overall quality of the products.


Once you have chosen your handles, you will then need to search for coordinating accessories. Why not read our handy guide on Buying Door Latches for top tips on choosing the right size latch for your doors.