Blending Masculine and Feminine Styles

So, you’ve just bought your first place together and finally have the freedom to decorate. You both have your own personal style and just like any other relationship hurdle, it’s time to start compromising. Whether it’s about wardrobe space or wall paint shades, there’s plenty for you to discuss.


Traditionally, feminine and masculine interior design express distinctive differences. When you think of feminine rooms you may picture a vase of fresh flowers, blush tones and delicate features. The typical quintessential feminine touches. When you envision conventional masculine interiors, it’s usually some sort of bachelor pad with industrial elements, leather sofas and plenty of dark tones.


Our personal tastes don’t always conform to these ideas but there are some interior design qualities that are more likely to appeal to men, while there are others that likely appeal more to women. Whatever your style preference, we’re here to offer some advice on blending certain elements for a neutral, non-binary home. A place where you can all feel settled!


Tip 1 IconFirst Things First

Are you keeping the current wall paint and carpet? Decide what your plans are with this from the off-set and then you can start thinking about additional décor. The great thing about moving into a property with neutral tones means that you can start fresh with a blank canvas.


Is there furniture and other accessories that your relocating from your previous home? Decide which items are keepers then sell or donate the rest. Make sure to throw out anything that has seen its last day; I’m talking stained, ripped or broken pieces that are beyond repair. These items will only clutter your new living space.


Tip 2 IconChoosing Your Colours

It can be a bit of a challenge knowing which colours and tones to incorporate. If you prefer the more minimalist look, think clean lines and simplicity, then try and keep the colour scheme to a minimum. Include one or two shades in your design, perhaps a mix of a dark and light tone such as navy blue and pastel pink.


To avoid overly feminising a room, steer clear of pink florals unless it’s weaved into simple and discreet patterns. If this style is something you truly admire, consider incorporating a tropical leaf wallpaper onto one statement wall.


Alternatively, you can feature leaf prints in frames. The green from this print complements tan shades, reminiscent of the classic masculine tan leather sofa. Update this style by choosing a tan sofa in a chic distressed leather and pair with white fluffy textured cushions. Place a large potted leafy plant next to the sofa to emphasise the green tones. Add a geometric throw and a sand beige rug into the mix and you’ve got yourself a cosy room for all in the household.


A classic industrial ceiling light fixture will appear effortlessly stylish within this lounge area. Add soft touches of femininity by incorporating an array of plain white candles on a white coffee table.


If you’re into the maximalist aesthetic, then style colours, textures and patterns as you wish! Nailing this style can sometimes be tricky so it’s a good idea to look up some visual inspiration to avoid overdoing it. Generally, this design trend includes colours, tones and patterns that have some way of complementing each other when combined.


Tip 3 IconStatement Features

Having previously touched on this, potted plants are a great feature to display in shared households. Greenery creates the same flourishing effect as flowers without emphasising the feminine touch.


Another feature you can incorporate, despite whether you choose the minimalist or maximalist trend, are stylish modern door handles. Door handles on rose are synonymous in contemporary properties, especially when styled in a timeless duo chrome finish with a curved lever. Offering real comfort in hand, these internal door handles will withstand any home improvements and refurbishment projects over the many years of residence.


For homeowners seeking an alternative, the stainless steel door handles in polished and satin finish is the one to choose. To create a cohesive appearance, pair these handles with stainless steel keyhole escutcheons on internal key locking doors such as bedrooms and studies.


We hope to inspire your property refurb projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. For more interior inspiration, check out our previous blog Key Traits in Industrial Decor for guidance on attaining this look.