Beautiful Brass

Think beautiful golden tones streaming through your room, giving the impression of a bright and sunny day every day. Sounds appealing? Why not consider bringing brass back! The wonderful thing about brass is that it offers a sense of light and warmth into any space. At the turn of the century brass decreased in popularity and the subtle silver tones found in chrome and stainless steel ascended to the height of fashion, but the good news is that brass is now back with a modern makeover!


Tip 1 IconStainless Steel

The introduction of brass is particularly effective in modern properties. If your home is lacking ‘character features’ fear not, as you are at an advantage in this instance with having a black canvas on which to style your home, giving you the opportunity to think creatively and design your own bespoke space!


Tip 2 IconAlloy and Zinc

Think a warm cream interior decorated with luxurious gold soft-furnishings, opulent brass door handles, dramatic dome-shaped light shades and statement photo frames featuring thick gold rims. Remember brass is best used to make a bold impact in your space, so don’t be afraid to really embrace it and create a feature within your home! However you choose to apply brass in your home, the result will ultimately be a luxurious and innovative living space, with a calm and cosy atmosphere.


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