A Guide to Modernised Stately Style

The Scandinavian design is growing ever more increasingly popular but let’s face it, the minimalist aesthetic isn’t for everyone. Free spirited personalities thrive in spaces that represent their character, so clean simple lines are not always desirable.


There are many alternative styles to choose from and with all the inspiration available at your fingertips, we’re sure to excite your flair for interior styling!


For the homeowners who prefer a more traditional aesthetic yet still want to maintain a contemporary property, we’ve got the guide for you! It’s time to step back from minimalist design and refurbish your space in favour of an updated aristocratic interior style; a look most reminiscent of a stately home but with a twist.


Tip 1 IconEccentric and Proud!

Large spaces appear remarkable with interior elements of eccentricity. Traditionally, statements were made with bold and rich colours, weaved into all four corners of the room. For a fresh and modern take on traditional stately home design, steer clear from distinguishable shades of red and opt for colours in blue, pink, yellow or green.


Keep in mind that the tone of the colours chosen will determine the coolness and warmth of the room. Pale and pastel shades are frequently incorporated in rooms to convey a soft and subtle sweep of colour whereas a bright, vibrant palette will appear more dramatic in effect.


Tip 2 IconPattern, Pattern, Pattern!

Influenced by the trends of Eighteenth and Nineteenth century, modern floral patterned wallpaper is an ideal choice for decorating your walls. Floral designs imitate the neoclassical pattern frequently showcased on the walls of Georgian and Victorian homes and with an abundance of prints available, you can choose the option most suitable. Floral patterns can range from simple and traditional to oversize and can be categorised by being abstract, exotic or dark romantic.


Tip 3 IconFrom Floors to Doors!

Consider the colours and tone of the walls and floors from the outset, identifying whether you wish to install carpet or wood flooring as this will alter the aesthetic of the room. For vinyl or laminate wood floors, incorporate a patterned rug, measured to fit the area that you choose to keep snug. For visual delight, compliment cool tones with other cool tones and vice versa with warm hues.


Don’t be afraid to incorporate an array of patterns and fabrics throughout the room as this will elicit visual depth whilst increasing comfort and atmospheric cosiness. Cushions, curtains and rugs embellished with a range of materials will offer warmth and cosiness regardless of overall interior tone.


For an authentic traditional look, embroider doors, drawers and cabinets with traditional style handles that offer high-quality performance such as the scroll lever handles on backplate in a durable brass finish. For those intending to feature more silver and chrome plated items within the decor, select the same model of door handles on backplate in the highly-reflective chrome polished finish for a cohesive ambience. An alternative option to the classic handle design is the polished brass door knob set which offers a charismatic appeal to updated stately style interiors.


We strive to inspire your refurb projects and showcase a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. For more interior inspiration, check out our previous blog Attain Tranquillity with Bold Choices.