8 Tips on Fitting Kitchen Cupboard Doors

Updating your cabinets can instantly upgrade the look of your kitchen. With sturdy materials and new modern finishes, a revamp in your kitchen can make a dramatic difference to your interior décor. If you are looking to fit new kitchen cabinet doors, you need to read these DIY tips!


Tip 1 IconCheck the measurements of your new kitchen cupboards to ensure that they will fit your existing kitchen unit. A measuring tape will guide your task, ensuring that the size of the cupboard door is accurate, and your hinge aligns with the backplate fixing.


Tip 2 IconLocate the hinge on your existing cupboard door and detach it from the backplate. This can be done using a screwdriver to loosen the screw at the rear of the backplate. Some hinges have a clip on fix, in this case you won’t need a screwdriver, simply press the release button that is usually found on the back of the backplate.


Tip 3 IconUnscrew the fixings on the hinge to remove it from the cupboard door. Make sure that you place the fixings and hinges somewhere safe if you intend to reuse your cupboard hinges. (You’ll be surprised how easy it is to lose a screw!)


Tip 4 IconTo create new fixing holes in your cupboard door, you will need a drill bit that’s suitable for use on wood. Using a piece of scrap wood, create a barrier between the new cupboard door and your work surface – this will protect your surface from damage.


Tip 5 IconOnce you’ve fitted the new hinge on the door you will need to confirm that the hinge has been fitted level. The arm of the hinge should sit at a right-angle to the edge of the door.


Tip 6 IconIf the fixing holes do not line up with your new hinges, measure and pencil mark the new position for each hinge backplate and drill new holes.


Tip 7 IconDepending on your hinge type, you may need to screw the backplate and hinge together or simply slide or clip the two components together. Turn the hinge adjustment screws to reduce the gap between the unit and the cupboard door.


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