50 Shades of Beige!

Vanilla, off-white and sandy shades are in the spotlight! Interior Designers and bloggers alike are decking out their homes with warm, buttery neutrals and we can’t get enough of the layers upon layers of 50 shades of beige.


Despite what some may think, beige isn’t boring. Beige is incredibly versatile and can be weaved into any interior style, regardless of room size or function of space. Beige interiors are classic, timeless and oh so elegant when layered with textured textiles and subtle prints.


The dependable, conservative, and flexible aesthetic of beige appeals to our psychological state as we feel calm and relaxed in the presence of diverse neutrals. Beige interiors offer a sophisticated softness with tints of pink, creamy and sandy based tones with names like stone, camel, oatmeal and biscuit. Sounds deliciously strange, right?


The key to choosing the right beige wall paint is to plan what you want your redecorated room to look like and how you want to feel when in the space. Ordering wall paint samples to your home will provide you with a clearer idea of how the shade genuinely appears, as computer screens and printed shades can vary in colour. Paint a few swatches onto the wall and step back to evaluate which shades are working and which ones are out of the running.


Decorating your home with secondary shades is simple as any neutral tones will blend seamlessly! Beige is such a great interior colour to work with as you can mix and match various neutral shades such as of khaki, sand, cream, camel and stone (to name a few).


Beige's that boast a touch of cool toned grey look fabulous when decorated with secondary shades of light brown, white, khaki tan and dove grey. Beiges with a warmer, reddish tint blend impeccably with soft mint and sherbet shades as well as brighter salmon pink and mango colours. These bright yet relaxing shades offer a calming effect and spice up a minimalist interior.


Speaking of spice, Duluxe released their 2019 Colour of the Year and it looks sublime! It’s all about Spiced Honey, showcasing a rich caramel like appearance with subtle hints of earthy browns and amber tones. If we could taste it, we would… but we’ll stick to caramel lattes instead.


To avoid clinical dullness, accessorise your home with layers of secondary neutral shades, embellishing with patterns, prints and textures to add interest and warmth. Get creative with your fusion to add visual depth to your interior. Smaller furnishings such as textured bedding, throw cushions, blanket throws and rugs are an ideal addition to add warmth to rooms that favour more cool tones.


For a striking, contemporary look, showcase modern metallics in your accessories and furniture. We’re seeing matte black everywhere, from décor to accessories and fashion, it certainly isn’t going away anytime soon.


Create effortless luxury with matte black door handles, mirror frames and contemporary styled ornaments. The daring pops of matte black will enhance the overall aesthetic of beige colour schemes and adorning rooms with copper and rose gold metallics give neutral interiors comforting warmth and glow.


Shelve trendy accessories with chrome handrail brackets to add a stylish touch of bright metallic to the room and embellish your white and wooden finish timber internal doors with high quality door furniture to showcase your talent for curating style with intricate details.


We hope to inspire your home improvement projects and offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance. If you love all things interior and want more home inspiration, check out our previous blog Eco-friendly Home Tips.