5 Tips for a Quick Property Sale

Putting your house up for sale can sometimes feel like a daunting task, tidying away the jumble, throwing out the clutter and power cleaning to get the property sold as quickly as possible. Viewers will be walking through your home, judging whether this space will suit their long-term plans. Impress your visitors and get your house off the market with these fail proof tips!


Tip 1 IconDIY

Ensure all your home facilities are functioning correctly! Any issues with high usage utilitarian items will spark doubt in the mind of your visitor and dampen the value of your offering. Whether it be a faulty toilet roll holder or a stiff door handle, it’s a great idea to make these repairs and replacements prior to the first visit.


For a cost effective solution, spruce up your bathroom with a new stick on toilet roll holder by choosing a finish that complements your existing metals and colour scheme. Choose a design that's easy to install, holders with self-adhesive back plates offer quick and easy to fit solutions.


There may be an issue with lubrication if your door handle is stiff to operate. Verify the cause of the problem by removing the door handles from the door and checking how they operate in hand. Look out for any sign of malfunction during this activity. A broken spring indicates that your handle needs replacing and if it’s stiff to operate, you can usually resolve this quite easily using graphite lubricant. Spruce up your internal door handles or replace them choosing the perfect door handles from the variety of styles we offer.


Refreshing your existing hardware will give your home a modern amenity, especially if the design and metal finish of your hardware is dated. For a trendy aesthetic, incorporate duo chrome door handles into your interior. The smooth satin chrome finish completed with a reflective polished chrome will add a touch of luxury to your home.


Tip 2 IconDeclutter and Tidy

It’s ever so easy to misplace items around the house. Walk around your home and tidy away any items that add to the clutter. Shred documents that are no longer required and throw away odds and sods that offer no value. Keep your possessions organised by making use of key dishes, baskets and storage boxes. Place stylish coat hooks by the front door to hang coats, jackets and handbags and secure robe hooks onto the back of the bathroom door to hold robes and towels to dry.


Tip 3 IconDeep Clean

Now make your home shine! Clean room by room, dusting, wiping and vacuuming the particles away. Using your duster to give everything a light sweep before cleaning surfaces with a damp cloth. Use an old toothbrush and soapy water to remove build-ups of dust in hard to reach places along with a sponge to clean your door hardware and metal furnishings, complete by vacuuming and mopping the floors.


Tip 4 IconAdd More Light

Increase the amount of light in the room to create a productive, happier, healthier and calmer atmosphere. For day visits, open blinds and curtains to increase the natural brightness. For evening visits switch on lamps in addition to ceiling lights around the home to increase brightness. This activity will convey a more welcoming and positive environment, highlighting the cleanliness of your home.


Tip 5 IconVentilate!

Finally, ventilate your space! On warm sunny days, leave windows open during visits to improve the flow of fresh air. On those colder days, open windows for 5-10 minutes an hour or two before the visit then set the thermostat to a comfortable temperature and secure a ‘homely feel’ in your property.


We understand how stressful it can be when it comes to property selling. We hope our 5 tips for a quick property sale helps you with your endeavours! We offer a variety of high-quality products that excel in both aesthetic and performance to help make your styling decisions simple. Follow these manageable steps for a swift and speedy house sale.