5 Easy DIY Storage Solutions

Feel like you have outgrown your home, but don’t want to move? Every home has a maximum capacity and the bigger your house the more you can fill it, so it is possible that moving might not the best way to solve this issue. In most homes space can be easily created with a little consideration given to storage solutions. Check out our top tips on finding the right storage solutions for your home.


Tip 1 IconUnder Bed Storage

Think of all the wasted space that lies beneath your bed! Space that is rendered entirely useless for any other purpose than storage. This is the perfect place to store anything your wish! Beds can of course be bought with in built storage solutions, but if yours doesn’t then why not utilise this space for housing your storage boxes? This way you can free up a more useable space elsewhere in your home.


Tip 2 IconShelves

Whether for a good book, or simply to tidy your paperwork, don’t be afraid to introduce shelves into your home. This is a simple and effective way to organise your space and declutter your home all at the same time. You could even make the shelves a feature in your room by adding some bold accent colours into your room.


Tip 3 IconCoat Hooks

It’s almost time to bring the Winter coats out which can leave our hallways feeling cluttered. Why not consider using old door knobs as a design statement for a streamline coat hook?


Tip 4 IconShoe Tidies

For the shoe lovers out there, the good news is that there are plenty of options for housing your beloved shoes. From nifty hallway units to handy wardrobe inserts to ensure your shoes are kept in a good condition and don’t just sit gathering dust and cluttering your home!


Tip 5 IconKitchen Storage

There are loads of nifty kitchen storage solutions to choose from on the market. From kitchen carousels to spice racks, all offering integrated solutions to maximise the available storage space within your cupboards. If you don’t have any installed fear not, as there are plenty of DIY options available to help you achieve similar results.


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